Gayle is the ultimate Finisher

That conventional wisdom allows only middle-order batsmen, such as Bevan, Yuvraj and Dhoni, to qualify as 'Finishers' is not doing justice to the impact of openers such as Gayle and Tendulkar.

updated: April 26, 2013 18:14 IST
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Seconds after Mahendra Singh Dhoni lashed a helpless Ashish Reddy back past him for a scorching boundary and pulled another rabbit out of the hat, a friend asked me, "Is Dhoni the best finisher ever?" Without so much as a second thought, instinctively, I replied, "Almost." And didn't think much about it.

After a while, though, the mind kept going back to the use of the word 'almost'. Was it a quip? Was it the result of years of scepticism and cynicism that is sometimes an inevitable fallout of more than two decades as a cricket journalist? Or was it because a sub-conscious thought expressed itself, without my conscious knowledge?

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