Anatomy of the IPL spectator

Indians pride themselves on being cricket-crazy, though that is gradually veering towards cricketer-crazy, but you can't but admire the spunk and the resilience of the Indian fan who, despite hurdles galore, finds the resolve and the determination to brave the odds and turn up at the ground, day after day, match after match.

updated: May 11, 2013 16:04 IST
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For the lay fan, watching a game of cricket at any ground in India can be the most torturous experience. Not a Ranji Trophy game, not any other domestic fixture, but an international match or a match in the world's most famous domestic competition with an international flavour, the Indian Premier League.

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The 'torture', if you will, begins from the time you decide you want to go to the ground and watch 'live' action. The vast majority is happy to buy tickets, though oftentimes there is an inexplicable clamour for passes from even the most well-off because a pass, especially one that puts them in prime viewing position, is considered a status symbol as much as anything else. "I can afford to buy a 100 tickets, but I would rather have a pass," is an archetypal Indian mindset, but that's another matter altogether.

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