The fringe IPL player's loss of faith

Every cricketer today is well coached in the art of the platitude, so you can discount the words, but what of their deeds? They might not have been close to India selection, but they were doing reasonably well for themselves.

updated: May 28, 2013 16:31 IST
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It's been a tumultuous fortnight to what was already an action-packed tournament, and here we are. The end of IPL 2013. Although if the news reports on TV are anything to go by, the '2013' could be dropped from that last sentence.

For domestic Indian players like me, who are not established stars, the last two weeks have left us slightly rudderless. We are neither targets, nor shining examples of how the supposedly guilty should have acted. We are not owners or administrators, who are either lying low or fire-fighting.

We are just among the guys still thankful if we get an extended opportunity in the playing XI, but a little more wary, a lot more cautious and increasingly chary of even simple acts on the field, such as getting out a towel to wipe the sweat off our brows. Who knows what could be misinterpreted when? In times like these, you don't trust the system or even your own mates. We are the kind who could be easy fall-guys, especially if - god forbid - someone big is involved and has to cover the tracks.

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