In Trivedi is an example for Sachin Tendulkar

As Suresh Menon, among others, has said on occasion, it is important for respected cricketers like Tendulkar to come out and speak to the paying public at times like these - as he did this past Friday.

updated: June 03, 2013 13:35 IST
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From celebrated philosophers to characters in Hindu mythology, from uncles of American superheroes to Bollywood actors, many have doled out sage advice on choosing between right and wrong when at a crossroads. It's not an easy choice when there's something big at stake - a million bucks, a plush career opportunity ... or a reputation. Ergo, it's not fair to judge those who don't acquit themselves admirably, but we do admire those who do.

Oddly enough, in the context of corruption in cricket, the name of Sachin Tendulkar has cropped up a few times over the years. No one's accused him of corrupt practices, of course, but many are the voices that say that in his position, he could blow the whistle, set an example.

Rashid Latif, the former Pakistan captain who was a whistle-blower (but not someone who's always taken seriously), said in an interview with Outlook in July 2003:

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