Federer praises Tiger's US Open feat

Roger Federer praises his friend Tiger Woods' heroic win in the US Open golf. Federer says he was worried about the golfer's knee injury.

updated: June 26, 2008 16:11 IST
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It is well-known that the World's No. 1 tennis and World's No. 1 golf players are close friends. But now the golf star, Tiger Woods, is out for the season and Roger Federer is on the verge of setting a new record with a sixth Wimbledon title on the trot.

At the pre-Wimbledon conference, Federer, was naturally quizzed on his friend and asked what his observations were of what Tiger did at the US Open last week and if he had any communication with him since.

Federer said, "I watched it. I came back from Halle on Sunday. I watched till 3:00 in the morning, and then watched all Monday, as well. I mean, it was a great, great victory for him, especially under the circumstances with his injury, you know."

"I really thought he was actually in better shape, because I had brief contact before Paris started and I asked him, before the finals of Paris, and he told me his knee was actually doing okay and stuff. I was quite surprised to see him struggling."

The Swiss tennis legend then added: "But I am so happy for him that he got, you know, the victory. It's a huge, huge win for him - one of the biggest ones probably of his career, the way he won it. It's just sad now to see him injured. But I'm sure he'll bounce back next year and be strong again."

On whether he knows what the injury is or to what degree it is, Federer said: "Well, I wished him all the best, hope he gets well soon, you know. But, yeah, I mean, it's quite a severe injury, I'm sure. I'm not quite sure what he has exactly, you know."